optical media

Our experienced staff recognises that managing and disposing of productive and surplus assets is always unique. There is no off-the-shelf solution. Because each situation has its own specific requirements. Emineo offers a range of asset disposal and valuation to achieve optimum results. Purchasing assets outright is also possible.

Emineo is founded in 2004 and offers services in the area of industrial disposal and valuation.

One of Emineo's current projects is the acquisition and sale of the remaining Toolex stock of equipment, machinery and parts. Toolex International NV, a global leading supplier of optical media production equipment, went bankrupt in October 2001. The past three years the trustee in the bankruptcy sold state-of-the-art finished and semi-finished equipment, to a local competitor of Toolex together with the patents and other intellectual property. The remaining stock did not match that company's current product portfolio. The variety of parts, both optical media dedicated as well as standard machine building components, was so huge that common disposal options like a sale auction was not appropriate. Emineo offered to purchase the remaining assets in the bankruptcy, which was effectuated in July 2004.

Berry Hanssen
Managing director